Goals for Nature Trails Society

Established in 2015, the society set out with goals to optimize outdoor recreation opportunities by supporting the sustainability and connectivity of shared-use natural surface trails in the Greater Victoria Region on southern Vancouver Island.

Our work is focused on:

  • Building and maintaining nature trails on southern Vancouver Island.
  • Promoting safe, sustainable trail building design and techniques through education.
  • Encouraging the use of existing parks and trails, while respecting the natural environment, cultural heritage, and diversity.
  • A collaborative effort between stakeholders to develop, maintain, and advocate for shared-use nature trails and trail networks in southern Vancouver Island.

We advocate for an interconnected nature trail network across the Greater Victoria Region that connects existing trails and different greenspaces.  If the various existing nature trails were to be coordinated and connected, this could be a huge opportunity to create a comprehensive world-class network of recreational trails suitable for hiking and mountain biking. 

Connecting these trails has been likened to building an “arena” for sporting events such as Canada Cup Mountain Bike Races, XC trail running races, the multi-stage BC Bike Race, and Cross on the Rock Cyclocross. These events bring in hundreds of participants as well as their spectating families for multi-day stays and the larger more international events bring international exposure to our destination.

The Nature Trails Society works to help facilitate the development of such a trail network for a range of potential users (hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, dog walkers, horseback riders, commuting cyclists, and families).

We look forward to collaborating with stakeholders such as: landowners, municipalities, Parks & Recreation departments, the CRD, and other industry partners to secure access and authorization to specific cross-regional trail corridors and connections.

Currently, we are in the initial phase of consultation and engagement with various stakeholders associated with the proposed Coastal Connector Trail.

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Our Vision:

A world-renowned network of multi-use trails with abundant access, that inspires people to engage with the natural world and respect the environment.

Our Mission:

Champion, build, and connect safe, enjoyable, and sustainable nature trails, by collaborating and working closely with diverse partners.

The benefits of such a connected trail network include:

  • Increased visitation to our parks,
  • Healthier communities,
  • Increased variety of trails to enjoy for all,
  • More connected communities,
  • Environmental stewardship,
  • International recognition as an outdoor adventure destination and,
  • Economic development opportunities for businesses close to the network. 

COVID-19 Update: We encourage you to take advantage of the many safe outdoor activities that our local trails and parks have to offer. However, please keep close to home and adhere to the physical distancing requirements that have been set out by the Provincial Health Officer.